Upcoming Podcast episodes and small changes

The I’ve Been Wrong Before Podcast is happy to announce that the next two episodes:

What is Incite Queer Writers Read? With Kate Gray and Kate Carroll de Gutes; upload date 03/01/2020

Tall Kate and Bowtie Kate (listen in to find out who’s who) graciously stopped by the studio and talked about what Incite is, how it got started, and why it’s important.  I think you will enjoy our chat.

Lying for a living with Steven Brust; upload date 03/15/2020

Author Steven Brust counts himself lucky to be a working writer with a long career. It still amazes him that people pay him to tell stories for a living. Steven kindly sat for a long skype interview where we touched on such things as whether he thinks of himself as an artist, how explaining his politics get tiresome (spoiler there’s a FAQ he’s had to come up with) and the difference between reading his books and listening to them on audio.

More Than Dreaming Studios will be doing a little site maintenance trying to fix broken links and making sure our funnels to the site work correctly so if you find any not working links please make sure you contact us at wrong before podcast at Gmail dot com or you could send us something on the site contact form although that seems to be completely reserved for spam about casinos that will make us rich or Russian girls that are horny for us.

Facilities upgrade note: At the insistence of our sound engineer we’ve added a second microphone.  It’s another AT2100 (it was on sale squee) this makes in studio guests and off site recording a lot easier.