Hey guys

I want to share with you a big reason why The I’ve Been Wrong Before Podcast got off the ground.

Anjie Furian

Seriously that’s the big reason right there.  I got everything together for the podcast and got my first couple of interviews recorded. But the editing is when I ran into issues that I had no familiarity with.  My wonderful wife asked if she could help.  I was leery.  Not because I didn’t think she could do it but because I didn’t want to rope her into something that I viewed as a long term project and that I wanted to do regularly.  I didn’t think it would be fair of me to ask for help and then expect her to just always edit every episode.  I had done the work of setting up and planning to do this I’d told her what I was doing but I was clear that she didn’t have to participate.

But when I ran into trouble, she was right there knowing what she was signing up for and willing to come along side me an join the podcast as sound engineer.

I am thankful for her.

Love you babe!